it is a real adventure with firearms.

Founders of the from Wroclaw are real passionates of sport and combat shooting.
Since the beginning the main goal of the founders was to share knowledge and skills regarding usage of firearms, shooting practice, maintaining safety at the shooting range and safe behaviour.

In respond to the collected feedback from our clients we provide the highest quality of our services we have develop unique collections of guns and firearm equipment, which you will not find in the competition!
Company gives you the opportunity to safely try, test and familiarize yourself with the different types of firearms under the supervision of experienced instructors.

Shooting is a great way to spend your leisure time and opportunity to experience exiting moments. For many it becomes a passion or an extraordinary hobby. If you are willing to start or continue your adventure with sport or combat shooting, contact us.




Instructor Eli


She coordinates shooting events, takes care of the safety at the shooting range, she is responsible for administrative and marketing area.

Ela specializes at modern sporting rifle competition.
She has pedagogical backgraound and also provides shooting courses for youth.

Qualifications: Shooting Instructor, Head of the shooting-range.

Organizations: LOK-in, Bractwo Kurkowe, WKS ŚLĄSK.       




(PL/EU) Elżbieta Flak +48 601-705-047